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Product Dimentions:Height: 28cm, Base Diameter: 24cm and Strap: 56cm.Product Description:This blue is to DIE for. And honestly, the photos don't do it justice! The combination of blue, white and teal would make this Mamma Mia worthy. Perfect for taking along...

Product Details

Product Dimentions:

Height: 28cm, Base Diameter: 24cm and Strap: 56cm.

Product Description:

This blue is to DIE for. And honestly, the photos don't do it justice! The combination of blue, white and teal would make this Mamma Mia worthy. Perfect for taking along to a Greek island, sitting back and sipping on cocktails watching the sunset. Pair with a white dress or blue jeans and a white top - this is one of the greats. 

Check out my bottom! This is not one to be missed and is another of Luz Marina's spectacular creations. 

This particular design is one of a range that has been exclusively designed for TMAC by Luz Marina Rodríguez from Riohacha, La Guajira. Every piece in the Wayuu Collection is made by a highly skilled female artisan and the sale of which goes directly to support her and her family.

Please note that our mochilas and mochilitas come in a range of different sizes - you can find out about the difference in more detail in this blog post. We have measured each individual bag, check out the exact dimensions of the Cielo above.

Why a Tmac Mochila?

There is a woman who is the envy of all whenever she meets up with her girlfriends. Whether it's a trip to see the sights in a European capital city, a Beach Holiday in Tulum, a weekend in the Hamptons or covered in glitter at Burning Man, we are here to help you become that woman.
Now listen up, we're going to let you into a little secret... that woman knows that the clothes they are wearing and accessories they have chosen need to be more than beautiful, they need to tell a story. And a good one.

"Where did you get that bag?"....
... who wants to answer [Insert soulless high street chain store name here] when you could be telling the story of Celina and the hundreds of years Wayuu heritage and traditions that are behind it.

By buying one of these beautiful bags you’re not only adding a one of a kind bag to your collection, you are supporting womankind in the process - financially, of course, but also by sharing the story - we have to work together ladies - where better to start than with a beautiful bag? It’s actually kind of obvious.

What’s in the Box?

All of our Wayuu Collection comes hand packaged in a beautiful box, with a description of where your pieces have come from, who made it and a set of cards to share with friends and family so you can show off that you are a conscientious consumer - it’s something to be proud of! 

Community Description:

The Wayuu Collection was created by a cooperative of indigenous women living deep in the Guajira desert on the border between Colombia & Venezuela. Every one of these traditional mochilas are completely unique and made in using the traditional Wayuu techniques.

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