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Our Mission

It is our mission to empower indigenous women through creating fair economic opportunities. We do this by striving for the following mission outcomes. 

  • Communities are trained to provide increased quantities of goods in a scalable way to ensure that demand from new markets and buyers can be met.

  • Communities are trained on design, style and quality of goods to ensure that they reach the level required to fulfill market demand and achieve a higher price, ensuring increased earnings going back to the communities. 

  • Female empowerment and participation of women in governance and decision making. 

  • Cooperatives formed and legally incorporated as independent entities, managed by female indigenous representatives, thus leading to improved organization-level technologies and management practices

  • Development of appropriate products, consolidating indigenous specific ranges that can thus maximise marketing potential from niche Amazon products. 

  • Expansion of the supply chain both locally, nationally and internationally allowing for the growth of indigenous lead economic enterprises that provide sustainably produced goods and services through market integration. 

  • Creation of an indigenous economy throughout the Amazon region that allows for economies of scales to reduce costs of materials and resources, ensuring greater profit for the female lead indigenous cooperatives. 


  • Job creation throughout the Amazon region, through production of goods and management of cooperatives and supply chain. Thus ensuring a robust and burgeoning indigenous economy that drives the development of temporary and permanent jobs and increased incomes.