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Meet the Team


Katherine launched TMAC in 2017 following a career in PR and strategic communications that took her around the globe, advising businesses over four continents. Her experience is broad & diverse, from corporate boardrooms to grassroots start-ups. She has been instrumental in shaping successful business strategies & is a force for change. Katherine is currently based in Mexico City and spends a lot of her time going back and forth between our projects across Latin America, in London, Toronto and New York.

Director of Operations

Mark Lawrence joined TMAC in May 2018 as Director of Operations. He is a perpetual entrepreneur and founder of Red Aware and Infinity Business Consultants. He has advised start-ups and large corporates over the last decade and runs a highly successful travel blog in tandem with working for Tmac. Mark is location independent and loves nothing more than being faced with a hard to get to a place in the back of beyond. He is usually out on the ground establishing relationships with potential new cooperatives through his extensive network across Latin America.