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We are excited to announce that TMAC has collaborated with HEARTH to open a Female Empowerment Concept Store!


Welcome to a safe space, full of female energy and nestled into the heart of Mainz, Germany.


HEARTH is a brand new concept; a female driven environment that has been built for women to have the freedom to express themselves, support each other and relax in the comfort of a home away from home. 


HEARTH (HER) - In our HEARTH store we sell products all made by women artisans from all across Latin America. Add a bit of colour to your life with our vibrant collection of unique products all of which support female artisans living in remote communities. 


HEARTH (ART) - Come and visit our Art Gallery where all the work that you find has been painted by female painters & designers. 


HEARTH - (HEAR) - HEARTH is a safe space for women to be heard! Come and talk to our stylists while getting a fresh new haircut, we are more than hairdressers - we’re here to listen. We also run regular workshops on female empowerment issues, run film screenings and have a monthly book club! 


HEARTH - (EARTH) - Stop by our coffee shop for a freshly brewed coffee made from coffee beans sourced from a female owned and run coffee plantation in Rwanda. Taste our delicious vegan treats all made by women and made using the freshest of ingredients. 


HEARTH - (HEART) Women supporting women. Let’s share the love ladies! 


HEARTH And all together this makes HEARTH, the centre of a home, the source of heat and energy, the place to spark new ideas that grow into roaring flames.