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Artisans in La Guajira, Colombia

As of today TMAC has been fully funded by its founders. We have been using our own money to make this venture a reality.

We made the deliberate decision not to do so as we are not prepared to compromise on the unwavering values upon which TMAC was established.

We want to do this our way. Working with the interests of the women we work with at the forefront of every business decision we make.

But guys, we could really do with your help! If you believe in what we are doing and want to help us take this endeavour to the next level, please make a donation! No matter how big or small.

All donations we receive will go towards establishing long lasting relationships with female cooperatives, purchasing products and funding the essential work we are doing out in the field to help our artisans reach international markets. 

Donate today and help us to make a change in the lives of indigenous women throughout the world.