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Caring for your Product

IKAT Collection

All of the textiles you find in the IKAT Collection are made using 100% natural dyes. We highly recommend that you do not use chemical strain remover on your items. For small stains you can spot-clean using mild soap and warm water.

If you want to wash your product we recommend getting it dry cleaned as this ensures that the product will no be damaged*

*Many of our artisans would laugh at us for this, they wash their products by hand in cold water with no problems – we do not advise this without the technical knowledge of the products & dyes! Dry Clean only.



We recommend taking care of your leather regularly by wiping with a microfiber cloth. Always do a spot test before applying any form of leather cleaner.

Due to the natural and authentic nature of leather, there may be slight grain and colour variations with each product.



Our mochila bags are best hand washed without soap, any general day to day dirt will be released in this process. For spot stains or more intense dirt, we recommend applying mild soap in warm water.*

*We have clients that have put the mochila on a gentle wash with no soap in the washing machine in extream circumstances. We can't recommend this but it is possible.