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Our Yoni V necklaces are made by Brooklyn based Ceramicist Amanda Shram of Token Moment. All Token Moment items are handmade with love, passion & playful intention. She uses a hodgepodge of materials (glazes, cookie cutters, alphabet pasta) along with a more sophisticated gold luster process, yielding an eclectic mix of punny spiritual awakening and childlike creativity.
This collaboration was dreamt up on a cold New York December day in a tiny cafe in Brooklyn when discussing the issues that women across our communities face in relation to reproductive rights and sexual health. 
Together we put together the very first Yoni 'V'  Collection, a series of five ceramic necklaces in the form of a vagina. The proceeds from this collection will go towards running workshops within our communities touching on issues; from how to practise safe sex, what their rights are when it comes to saying no and providing a safe sex support network for women that would otherwise not have access to one no be able to find adequate information on the topic. 
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