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Everything from the Waorani collection comes directly from the forest, all the materials are foraged for. These age old traditions date back thousands of years and have been passed down from generation to generation.  It all starts with the chambira tree. The leaves are taken from the tree and the fibres are pulled away. These fibres are then taken off one strand at a time and are boiled for five hours and then dried for 24. It is only now that the artisanal process can begin. Gathering the strands together they are rolled together on the thigh at high speed, this knits the strands together forming a very strong string-like material. It's the elements of the forest that are gathered next, every colour comes directly from the jungle. The reds are from seeds and boiled to remove the colour the string is added and then all the materials are boiled together for three hours. Taking another 24 hours to dry the colour is now bonded with the string and the hand making process can begin.
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