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The story of the IKAT Collection

The story of the IKAT Collection



I have always loved the colour of deep Indigo blue. It’s one of those reminders of travelling, whether in Morocco, Sri Lanka, Guatemala; those hues often contrasted with white are synonymous for me with the sights and smells of a new place. The colour itself comes from a variety of plants including indegofera, strobilanthes, or woad and serves as a link between different cultures – an unspoken tie that connects strangers across the world.



This is why the beautiful throws and bedspreads created by Atitlan Women’s Weavers were a must for one of our first TMAC collections. Each unique IKAT product symbolizes for us the legacy of women weavers not only in Guatemala but also across the world. Women are creative beings & historically we have used this creativity as a means of sustaining a living.


The products in the IKAT collection carry not only the story of the weaving process, which has been passed down through generations of women, but also tells a story themselves – each of the symbols you can find woven into the IKAT Collection have a meaning that brings the stories of Mayan Culture into our homes.

THE TREE represents the cotton, without which the women wouldn’t be able to make these products. In Guatemala, it grows on trees and in abundance around Lake Atitlán. The tree for the women of Lake Atitlan represents opportunities.

THE WOMAN is a reminder of the woman behind your IKAT products. The whole process behind each product is carried out by women; from preparing the cotton, dying the thread and weaving the designs on a weaving loom.

THE TURTLE is a symbol of nature and the importance of caring for the world and environment around us.

THE CORN symbolizes the most important crop in Guatemala, which many Guatemalans rely on for sustenance.

THE FISH & THE CRAB represents the beautiful lake and the richness that can be found within it.


The process behind the creation of these products is a time-consuming one, each product can take from one week (table runners) to three months (bedspreads) to make. You can find out more about the process from tree to table here.