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How do I pick the right Wayuu Mochila?

How do I pick the right Wayuu Mochila?

So you’re here, you’ve fallen in love with the design, shape, story – you know that your life will not be complete until you have your very own Wayuu Mochila hanging in your wardrobe. But how on earth do you pick when there are just so many different styles, colours and options?

Fear not, we have spoken to the experts and we have put together this very handy guide so you can learn all about the different types of Mochilas available here in the TMAC boutique.

When looking at these mochilas there are a number of different things that you need to consider: Size – Mochila vs. Mochilita, Block colour or designed, Single or double thread, Price.


Okay guys, so here’s the thing – this is a little more complicated than it looks because every single bag on here is slightly different size. We have painstakingly measured each bag just for you so you can find each individual bags dimensions in the product description. First step is to decide if you want to go for Mochila or Mochilita – this is simply a larger size or smaller. Mochilas have a base larger than 22cm and Mochilitas have a base smaller than 22cm.

*fun fact! In spanish, adding ‘ito’ or ‘ita’ on the is the diminutive form, literally making it a little version of the larger word. This is often used in terms of endearment, e.g. amorcito - little love

Mochilas – the larger size is great for daytime use, you can fit a lot in them, I have a single colour larger bag and easily carry a moleskine journal, water bottle, purse, phone etc around all day with room to spare – even to pop a jumper / sweater in. I sometimes put my 13inch macbook in but it does stick out the top!


Mochilitas – these are more of a nighttime, evening bag or for a day out where you don’t need to take loads with you – these fit phone, purse a bit of make up, small bottle of water.

TLDR; Mochilas are great for day-to-day, festivals, beach. Mochilitas are ideal for evenings or events when you don’t need to take as much with you.


    This one is up to your personal preferences. Some objective advice we would give to our friends over a cup of tea; the single colours go with more things, the patterned pieces are going to make you stand out from the crowd.

    One thing to also note is that some of the single colour bags have intricate patterns only on the bottom, that might be a happy in between if you’re really struggling with this part of the decision making process!


      Okay, so listen up because this is important for you to understand! It will also help you to understand why some of the bags have a higher price tag than others.

      Characteristics of a single thread, they can take up to one month to complete. They are made up of a tighter wave which means that they are lighter and stronger than the double thread bags. Single thread mochilas require a higher level of skill and the designs are more intricate – often it’s the older Wayuu artisans who make these bags and can command respect in their communities for being able to create such works of art.

      Single thread mochilas are hard to find, both inside and outside of Colombia – they are slowly fading out because the double thread mochilas take less time and skill – Wayuu women are being forced to make those in the dozens and middle men are making the profit selling to unsuspecting tourists.

      Now, this isn’t to say Double threads don’t have their own advantages! When we started working with the women at the Talento Colectivo Cooperative we were clear that we wanted to be able to offer work to artisans of all ability and skill, we also wanted to ensure we had a range of price points to be able to make these products accessible to you guys! Our single colour double thread mochilas are some of our most popular styles – willing to spend slightly more? You can get an intricate design on the base for just a few pounds more!


      Tldr: Single thread bags are made using one continuous piece of thread whereas the double thread are made using two and don’t take quite as long to produce.

      We have made sure to include as much of this information in each of the project descriptions and have also categorised them so if, e.g. you are certain you want a single rather than a double thread Wayuu mochila you can search by that!

      Enjoy the process, but don’t take too long - there’s only one of every style!